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Medal Programs

Do you want to become a better social dancer? Do you want to make your dance experience look better and feel better for both you and your partner? Do you want to polish and refine your lead and follow skills so dancing is more fun?

"What is a Medal Program?"
The Medal Program is an excellent way to set specific goals and focus your dance education. It is a "structured curriculum" based on a nationally recognized syllabus that will help you become the type of dancer that can dance in any setting with confidence and a recognized level of ballroom dance expertise.

Lessons are structured to meet a progressive series of goals. You will be amazed at how your dancing, your poise, your self- confidence and self-discipline in dancing will improve through this process. Experts in the dance industry agree that a structured Medal Program is the best way for students to accelerate their learning process beyond regular social dance classes, and enable them to become extraordinarily good ballroom dancers.

"What Happens when I enroll in a Medal Program?"
StaverDanceSport schedules Medal Exams twice a year. (Scroll down the page)

Your Instructor will teach you how to dance with the same technique that is recognized for excellence in dance competitions and the same nationally recognized dance figures. Your instructor will also prepare a choreographed routine for you to dance either with your instructor or with your dance partner.

A National Examiner will come to the studio to watch you dance that routine. The Examiner will grade your dancing and give you and your teacher a written critique.

Upon successful completion of the Medal Exam, you will receive a formal Certificate of Achievement from DVIDA - and recognition that you have achieved a national standard of excellence for your level of accomplishment.

You can invite your friends and family to watch you dance, to cheer your on, and give you moral support during Medal Exams. Upon completion of the Exam, StaverDanceSport hosts a traditional Medal Ball in "honor" of the students for their accomplishment in a national standard of excellence. The Medal Ball is an elegant formal affair that is a wonderful and fabulous way to be recognized and share your success with family and friends.

MEDAL PROGRAMS – normally offered as a Private Lesson Program are now also being offered as group classes at StaverDanceSport.

The Fall Schedule will include the following Medal Program Group Classes:(Scroll down the page to see the calendar)
Full Bronze Fox Trot
Full Bronze Waltz
Full Bronze Tango
Full Bronze Bolero
Full Silver Fox Trot
Full Silver Waltz
Full Silver Rumba
Full Gold Waltz

The Medal Programs are designed for students who would like to measure their progress in a more detailed and formal way. Medal examinations can be taken in any level from Bronze 1 through "Full Gold" in the following styles:

*American Smooth * American Rhythm
* International Standard * International Latin

You will receive a national "Certificate of Achievement" upon successful completion of each Medal level of examination.

Registration in a Medal Program is a step forward in your technical dance skill development!
If you would like more information, please contact Linda Staver.