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Class Levels

I really want to become a better dancer, but I don't know where to start. What class do I take?

How do I Know What Class to Take?

If you want to learn the secret of good Ballroom dancing based on Technique, Frame & Connection, and Style, enroll in a dance class at StaverDanceSport. Pick a class according to the description of the levels listed below. If you need some advice about which class is appropriate for you, ask Linda for a placement recommendation.... she will be glad to help you.

Level 1 Classes: SOCIAL DANCE PROGRAM For the Beginner

These classes are introductory classes to a specific social dance in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. They are designed to get you moving on the dance floor with confidence so that you know what to do and when to do it. The student will learn basic patterns, rhythm count, basic skills for leading or following, and standard dance floor etiquette for direction of travel. Level 1 Classes are the first phase for solving the mystery of how to dance with a partner and developing confidence through knowledge of the dance, so that you feel more comfortable in any dance environment.

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Level 2 Classes: SOCIAL DANCE PROGRAM For the more Experienced Dancer

Level 2 classes are designed to raise the dancer into the next phase of dance development. The student should already be familiar with a variety of basic patterns in terms of muscle memory. The student will learn more complex patterns, syncopated rhythm counts, footwork, alignments, and other elements of technique. The focus now becomes development of technique that enhances the style and the character of the dance. The dance starts to shine through your movement, as an individual and as a partnership. Being a good dancer is "NOT how many" cool moves you do. Being a GOOD DANCER is "HOW" you move.


Level 3 Classes are for Dancers who want to enhance their dancing with more intricacies and detail of technique. Learn all of the elements of the Dance.
This level of class is devoted to the complexities of the physics of the movement, the partner communication relationship in frame and connection, and the development of more advanced technique in patterns and styling, and refinement of Lead and Follow skills so students experience awareness of the positive & negative compression in connection to compliment timing and styling of patterns.

If you can relate to the description above, or you are curious as to what it means,
then this class could be for YOU!

Discuss appropriate class placement with Linda....Register with Teacher recommendation ONLY!