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Social Dance Programs

Do you want to be out on the dance floor having FUN, instead of just standing there rocking back and forth, feeling awkward because you don't know how to dance?

Are you tired of just standing there, rocking back and forth with your partner?
Are you wondering, "What dance class should I take?"

Let me assure you, the answer to your question is based on your individual background and interests.
"Have you ever danced before? Have you ever taken classes before? Where do you go dancing? Where would you like to go dancing?"

Most people say they want to feel confident and comfortable on the dance floor for whatever occassion and just have FUN! They don't want to have to sit out or decline an invitation to dance because they don't know how. They don't want to feel awkward when they dance, and they certainly want to leave a good impression with their partner. (scroll down)

As a teacher for many years, I can confidently say the single most important facet of learning to dance with a partner is frame and a social dancer, learning how to lead and follow will make all the difference in the world in your dance ability!

Any of the classes offered this term provide a wonderful foundation for the ongoing process of acquiring leading skills and/or following skills. It's not really how many moves you can do on the dance floor, its how you do them that counts. Remember, learning how to dance is a sequential skill building process. There is NO MAGIC WAND! So go ahead and make the decision to take the class that interests you the most. Talk to your teacher to determine a plan of action that will help you reach your goals.

Learn about Lead & Follow Skills!

Learn the secrets of good Ballroom dancing…
Frame, Connection, Technique, Style!
Level 1 Classes: Social Dance Program For the Beginner
Level 2 Classes: Social Dance Program For the Intermediate Dancer

Pick one or two or MORE of the classes listed on the calendar and JOIN US FOR FUN ON THE DANCE FLOOR!

Please note location of the classes, (some are held at StaverDanceSport, some are held at RiverRoad Parks & Rec.)

"Are you trying to decide which class would be best for you?"
Talk to Linda Staver personally!
Phone: 746-6268 or E-mail: