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Salsa Classes

Hot & Spicy's called SALSA!

SALSA: The word Salsa means sauce, denoting a hot & spicy flavor. Salsa Music is best distinguished from other Latin music styles by defining it as a rhythm that has the feeling of "stop and go-go-go, stop and go-go-go". The sound is said to have been developed by Puerto Rican musicians in New York. The dance structure is largely associated with Mambo type patterns and has a particular feeling of rhythm that is associated mainly with fast tempo latin music!

There is only one mambo/salsa class available to choose from for Fall Term -"Salsa/Mambo".
Look at the calendar below, click on that class if it interests you, and find out more about the class.
To find the type of class that is best suited for you to learn how to do those HOT SPICY Dance Moves called SALSA - contact the studio for information about Group Class, Private Group Class or Private Lessons!
Come in and Check it out!

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