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Silver Rumba Review

Wednesday, April 4 to Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Excellent review for Silver Level Rumba style and technique....

For the Intermediate/Advanced Dancer. Review and Learn more about this highly stylized latin dance with Cuban Motion Technique that characterizes this dance as "American" style.

If you are interested in taking your Rumba to the HIGHER level of good quality dancing based on standardized Technique, this is the class for you. See Linda for details.

Silver Medal Class - Focus on all the elements of technique. Polish and refine your movement. Review Silver level patterms. Be able to use these patterns on the social dance floor.
Emphasis is placed on refinement of movement, foot positions, footwork, posture, poise, floor craft, frame and connection, , alignment, amount of turn, timing, ......Learn how to move from your Center!

Students must have completed Medal Bronze Level Rumba or equivalent, or have Teacher recommendation.
Polish and refine your technique!

The technical information provided in this class will definitely give the dancer a refinement of their movement that will distinguish them as an accomplished dancer in a variety of venues

This class is for people who want to perfect their dancing skills.....
See Linda for Details. (Admission by Teacher Permission Only)