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Bronze Waltz

Thursday, June 8 to Thursday, August 17, 2017

If you want to polish, and refine your Lead and Follow Skills, and totally upgrade your dancing.... This is a GREAT CLASS for you!

Experts in the dance industry agree that the Medal Program is the best way for students to become extraordinary social dancers. Studying detailed technique for each pattern will enhance and upgrade all of your dance movement, regardless of the venue.

For SummerTerm, the Medal Program group class will be continuing to develop a routine that exhibits all eight elements of Waltz in figures 1- 15 of the Syllabus. It will be dedicated committment focused on conditioning those elements into "muscle memory", and dancing the routine in a confident, comfortable presentation. Students will see a definite improvement in their social dancing over the course of the term.

All of the material presented is based on a nationally recognized syllabus for a standard of excellence. (Remember its how you do the patterns that you know that makes you a good dancer, not how many patterns you know.) The technical information provided in this class will also prepare the student with baseline technique to enter competitions at some point in the future if they would like to.

This class is for people who want to perfect their dancing skills and become better social dancers....students should already have some knowledge of WALTZ.
See Linda for Details.