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Intermediate Ballroom for Teens

Monday, September 11 to Monday, December 18, 2017

Great Opportunity for kids to perfect Ballroom Dance Skills! Students learn about ballroom dancing as a social skill, an artistic experience, and as athletic training. Its all about Technique!

This is an ongoing class throughout the school year.

This is class is pure FUN focusing on Ballroom Technique!

Students learn how to Ballroom Dance in a dance school environment, with professionally certified ballroom teachers!
Students learn style and technique and lead/follow skills based on nationally recognized syllabus and can prepare for Annual Medal Exams.

Dances for this Term will be Waltz, Tango, Fox Trot, Cha- Cha, and East and West Coast Swing. Emphasis is placed on ballroom dancing as a social skill activity as well as a competitive sport with techical training. Ages 13 - 18
Ballroom dance can be a wonderful experience to enhance a teenager's life skills!

Everyone benefits from learning how to ballroom dance, acquiring a variety of additional skills other than just learning how to dance.

Social graces and etiquette, technical skill development, improved coordination, a sense of timing, posture awareness, confidence and higher levels of self esteem are just a few of the benefits that are apparent after taking a ballroom dance class.

The Teen Ballroom Class is not just about learning how to dance, it's about developing pride in techical skill development, with confidence and mutual respect. We take the natural rhythm and energy that is inherent and help students to express that rhythm and energy through dance movement, enabling students to develop and enhance their self-esteem as they learn.