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Your Dance Education

Linda (

Can you believe Summer is at the halfway mark?
Where has the time gone ?..... It is slipping by faster than you care to admit,
and, now we are getting ready for FALL Term registration!
What's happening with your goal to focus on the NEW YOU!

Don't put it off any longer.....Don't sit on the side lines "wishing" you were on the dance floor having fun...., especially with upcoming parties, weddings and events to attend in this wonderful year!
Experience the joy, the sense of accomplishment, the physical benefits that ballroom dancing can bring into your life!
Gain those Benefits through ballroom dance training that will last a lifetime.
Dance education provides so much more than just technical dance skill development. Benefits that are acquired through structured professional dance training carry over into so many other areas of activities, whether its personal, social, or sports related, and these benefits truly do last a lifetime.
Through consistent technical dance training people can develop better posture, coordination, balance, endurance, grace, poise, timing and rhythm, self confidence, discipline of body and mind, self esteem, socialization and teamwork skills.
Most Importantly, its a wonderful social activity....Dancing is a lot of FUN! especially when you have the confidence that dance training provides.

Start your dance education NOW!!
Learning to Dance is a Sequential skill building process. People learn to dance for all kinds of reasons: Relaxation, development of Coordination, Rhythm,Timing, and Balance, socialization, the opportunity to make new friends, exercise. It's truly an investment in yourself!

Call StaverDanceSport: 541-746-6268 for more information or to pre- register for classes.
The Staver Dance Company - A Professional dance studio and dance school designed to provide you and your children with a quality dance education.
Learning to dance truly is an investment in yourself. Train with the Certified Professionals at StaverDanceSport, 41 East 6th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon.

If you would like to know more about educational dance opportunities here at StaverDanceSport, log on to our website regularly to see a listing of new classes for beginners, special Medal Classes for the more advanced dancer, and the next Term Schedule..........Tell your FRIENDS about it, too! They'll be glad you did!