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Ballroom Dance Instructors College

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Looking for a new career? Want to increase your earning potential?

If you would like to become a Certified Ballroom Dance Teacher recognized by the National Dance Council of America, and train for one of the most satisfying and rewarding teaching careers, plan to attend the Ballroom Dance Instructors College- Schedule your personal orientation by Appointment.

The Ballroom Dance Instructors College is now accepting registration for FALL Term 2017.
Pre registration for Fall Term is required.

*Fall Term Classes: "Smooth Section" will be starting September 23rd, "Rhythm Section" will be starting September 26th. 2017.
Certification Exam at the end of each term will be conducted by a National Examiner. Certification in the DVIDA Syllabus through the Ballroom Dance Instructors College is recognized by the NDCA (National Dance Council of America).

The American Style Bronze Teacher Training Program is ongoing for a Fall Term and a Spring Term Schedule, with new sessions starting every four months. You can complete the entire curriculum in 6 Terms should you take one course at a time. We are now offering custom scheduling for private instruction as well, giving you the opportunity to complete the entire curriculum at your own pace, or a 3 Term accelerated training schedule that involves taking two concurrent courses as well as intensive private lessons. You may start with any course and take them in any order.

*Program 1 - No Prior Dance Experience Necessary! This Program is for people who would like to become a Ballroom Dance Instructor, and are looking for a new career opportunity.

*Program 2 -This Program is for those who are already teachers, providing an opportunity to become "Certified" through an intensive study of the nationally recognized DVIDA syllabus, and then tested by a National examiner.

Both programs will provide you with all the tools necessary to improve your dancing and to become a very skilled and competent ballroom dance teacher. Focus will be on learning how to dance both lead and follow, how to communicate movement concepts with clarity and precision based on a nationally recognized syllabus, teaching methodology, and theory.

Train for a career that you will love...... For more information on how to become a Certified Ballroom Dance Instructor contact Linda Staver at 541-746-6268, or email: