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Time to Turn Over A New Leaf!

Linda (

Hurray! it's almost SEPTEMBER......, don't ya just love it?

Fall Term is Time to INVEST IN YOURSELF! Take a dance class.....
Plan to dance at holiday functions and parties that are just around the corner!
Stop wishing you could dance! Be Ready when its time to party...Get out there and DO IT!

Don't put it off any longer! Learn how to dance so you don't have to sit on the side lines, wishing you could be out there on the dance floor having good time! Call us NOW to register for group classes or private lessons.

Learn how to Lead or Follow through Frame and Connection!
You'll be so glad you did! It makes such a difference in your dancing........
Look what's Happening at StaverDanceSport........You can Register NOW for these Classes!
*Monday, September 7th - 6pm - New Silver Tango

*Tuesday, September 8th - 7pm - New Silver Rumba
*Tuesday, September 29th - 8pm - New Bronze Waltz
*Tuesday, September 22nd - 7pm - Waltz (Level 1)
*Wednesday, September 16th - 8pm - New Silver Waltz
*Thursday, September 10th - 7pm Ballroom Sampler 1A
*Thursday, September 24th - 7pm - "East Coast Swing" (Level 1)
*Thursday, September 24th - 8pm - "East Coast Swing" (Level 2)
*Friday, October 2nd - 7pm - Ballroom Sampler 1B (Level 1)
*Friday, October 2nd - 7pm - Night Club Two step (Level 1)
*Friday, September 25th - 8pm - "West Coast Swing" (Level 1)

Check out the schedule details for Fall Term on our website:
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Dance Classes: There's always a wedding, a banquet, a cruise or a night-on-the-town where the music says "Let's Dance!" After only a few lessons at StaverDanceSport you'll find yourself more relaxed, more confident and well on your way to being successful at any dance party you attend!
To become a good dancer you need more than the steps.
You need the Technique!
To get it... Take lessons from the Certified Professional Teachers
at StaverDanceSport, 41 East 6th Avenue, Eugene, OR
Couples and singles welcome! Gift certificates available!
For more information: Call StaverDanceSport Now @541-746-6268