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Linda (

Thank you for your consideration regarding the types of shoes appropriate to wear on the specialty dance floor here at StaverDanceSport and Your respect for our Shoe Policy.

As a matter of standard practice, we have implemented a strict policy of “NO STREET SHOES on the DANCE FLOORS! Ballroom Dance Shoes ONLY!” (This means ballroom dance shoes, stocking feet or suede soles shoes that are not worn outside).

We are excited and proud to be able to offer a magnificent danceflex floor in our grand ballroom, the junior ballroom and the private lesson salon. Our hope and dream is to provide you with an educational ballroom studio facility and Ballroom Dance Teachers College that you will be proud to be a part of, and one in which you will feel comfortable, and feel at home. StaverDanceSport provides dance educational opportunities for three venues: Social Dancers, Performance Dancers, and Competition Dancers. The floor we have chosen to install at the studio is not an ordinary wood floor, it is a specialty floor designed to flex and roll with the movement of the dancers across the floor. The care and maintenance of the floor is of the utmost importance so that we may preserve the integrity of the floor surface to benefit all of the ballroom dancers who dance and train on the floors over a long period of time.

Also as a matter of standard practice, we encourage all students to invest in ballroom dance shoes. The "floor and ballroom shoes" are the ballroom dancers' equipment. They are what "snow and skis are to the skier". Ballroom dance shoes are designed specifically with suede soles so that they allow the dancers to pivot and turn with control and with safety, and to actually “feel” the surface of the floor so that the "footwork element" of skill development is maximized (this means how the foot connects to the floor - ball, heel, inside edge of ball heel, whole foot, heel toe, toe heel, etc.).

As always, group classes and private instruction at StaverDanceSport will provide the professional quality and excellence in dance training based on nationally recognized syllabus and technique. For our students' convenience and enjoyment in their pursuit of a quality dance education, floor space is available for student practice at a variety of times. If you would like to schedule practice time, contact Linda.

If you're interested, I would be happy to recommend a style of ballroom dance shoe for you that would be both comfortable and designed for allowing the best possible skill development. Thank you again for your consideration.
Linda Staver