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Old Fashioned Social Networking?

Linda (

Put some of the "Old Fashioned Social Networking" back into your life!
Try Ballroom Dancing!

Social networking has a lot of different technology mediums, but nothing quite replaces the aura of dancing well with a partner. Meet new people, enhance your relationship, exercise for the mind and body, prepare for upcoming events where there will be social dancing...... Build your confidence for a variety of different settings through the knowledge and skill acquired through professional dance instruction.
Learn how to Dance with a Partner using the magic of good dance Frame and Connection!
Learn "Lead and Follow Skills" that are shared through movement reflecting the joy of the music.
Ballroom dancing can bring about interactive social graces and skills, confidence and self esteem, knowledge and skill that creates FUN, JOY, Happiness and CONTAGIOUS LAUGHTER!

So go ahead, try some old fashioned social networking....... and learn how to dance!

Contact StaverDanceSport for "FALL TERM" Schedule of classes: 541-746-6268. Or email