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Is a Medal Class Right for ME?

Linda (

If you would like to take your SOCIAL dancing skills to a higher level of proficiency so you look GOOD, and feel GOOD on the dance floor in any situation, consider taking a Medal Class. Check the calendar on the staverdancesport website to find out when the next Medal Class Starts! Or contact Linda for your personal consultation about your dance skill development. Call 541-746-6268 or visit

"What is a Medal Program?" A Medal Program is a structured curriculum based on a nationally recognized syllabus to develop good social dancing skills. Dance skill development and the complexity of patterns is categorized into levels of accomplishment in a Medal System, very similar to a skating system of accomplishment.
*Bronze Level: considered to be beginning level, good basic quality social dancing. The dancer has a good standard knowledge of a variety of patterns, and has good familiarity with the different elements of skill in those patterns (rise & fall, sway, amount of turn, etc.) The dancer also has wonderful confidence in Lead or Follow Skills.
*Silver Level: considered to be an accomplished higher level of good quality social dancing based on a standardization of more complex patterns and skill. Silver level dancing is typically characterized by continuity movement in the Smooth and Standard categories. This is the level of social dancing that will turn heads because the dancer is recognized as a "very good dancer".

Medal Classes are classes that focus more on the "how to move" and "how to move with a partner" so that the technical, body mechanic aspect of movement becomes a natural muscle memory encompassing balance and control, grace and poise, timing and coordination, resulting in a more enjoyable experience for both partners. It truly is not how many patterns you do that make you a good dancer, it's how you do the patterns you know, that make you a good dancer!
NEW MEDALS CLASSES at StaverDanceSport:
Bronze Rumba,
Bronze Fox Trot ,
Bronze Waltz,
*Silver Waltz,
Silver Fox Trot ,
Silver Tango
Silver Rumba!

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