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Dancing with the Stars at Sea

Linda (

WOW! Dancing with the Stars at Sea was a special bonus activity on Ed and Linda's vacation. As part of the entertainment aboard the cruise Ed and Linda took to supposedly "get away from it all", the Holland America Cruise Line held a four day class and competition for their featured "Dancing with the Stars at Sea."

As surprising as it was, Ed made the semi-finals on the first day of competition, in spite of rough seas and a slight case of sea sickness. On the second day, our own Ed Staver made the Finals! Double WOW! ....WOW!

As the competition grew on the third day, Ed and Linda realized that this was going to be more Fun than they anticipated. Six Finalists were chosen over all, from approximately 200 dancers auditioning for those coveted spots on stage for the Grand Finale. Ed, in all of his grandiose ballet form that towered larger than life on the stage performed a wild and crazy Samba with his Cruise Celebrity Partner. The judges were flabbergasted! They said they had never seen so many chaine' turns in a Samba ever before! Not bad for being Sea Sick and Sixty!
Congratulations Ed! We are so Proud of YOU!