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Announcements are posted on a regular basis for upcoming Events & Activities sponsored by the Staver Dance Company. If You want to get email regarding specifics about those events/activities, be sure to sign up for the latest News on our homepage.

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Your First Dance?

Wedding Season is all year around! Do you want to be a wallflower again? Take lessons at StaverDanceSport, so you can go out on the dance floor with confidence... Join in the FUN!

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Dance Card

Peek at these Classes in the Schedule for Fall Term....

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Interested in Becoming a Ballroom Dance Teacher?

If you are looking for a career in an educational field that will bring joy into the lives of others, as well as bringing happiness and satisfaction to you.......consider this opportunity! Become a Certified Ballroom Dance Instructor.......

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Your Dance Education

StaverDanceSport - A Professional dance school designed to provide you and your children with a quality dance education. Learning to dance is an investment in yourself. Train with the Professionals at StaverDanceSport, 41 East 6th Ave......

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Old Fashioned Social Networking?

Want to meet new people? Need some expansion for your social circles and/or business networking? Try Ballroom Dancing..... at StaverDanceSport!

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Ballroom Dance Instructors College

Now accepting registration for Fall Term, 2017..... Orientation - Sept 16th - 1:00 pm, 41 East 6th Avenue, Eugene

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Gift Certificate for Someone Special

An important day to remember....... for that someone special? or JUST BECAUSE..

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Is a Medal Class Right for ME?

Feel like your dancing is not as smooth or refined as you would like it to be? Feel like you want to have a better connection with your dance partner? Then maybe its time to take a Medal Class at StaverDanceSport...

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Kids Classes Always Popular at StaverDanceSport

How many of us wish we had started dancing as a kid?

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Ballroom Dance Instructor Training

Looking for a new career? If you would like to become a “certified ballroom dance instructor”, and train for one of the most rewarding teaching careers, contact Linda Staver for details, 541-746-6268, or email:

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FALL TERM Ballroom Dance Instructors College

Looking for a New Career Opportunity? Interested in increasing your earning potential? Check out FALL Term Schedule at the Ballroom Dance Instructors College....

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Medal Ball & Student Showcase

Medal Ball and Spring Showcase.... a celebration of accomplishments for our Medal Students and Teachers College Students.... general dancing and student showcases!

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Medal Exams 2016! - March 15, 2016

National Exams held on March 13th, 2016 at StaverDanceSport

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StaverdanceSport Gift Certificates

Want to make a good impression on that someone special? Learn how to Dance! Together! To Music! A Gift that keeps on Giving.....

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Silver Linings Dance Card

Peek at these Classes in the Schedule for Winter Term....

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10th Year Anniversary!

10th Year Anniversary Collection of Photos - A Work in Progress...

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Time to Turn Over A New Leaf!

It's FALL! Time to INVEST IN YOURSELF! Take a dance class..plan to dance at holiday parties that are just around the corner! Stop wishing you could dance! Take some lessons at StaverDanceSport!

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Wedding Plans?

Upcoming wedding? Need to learn how to dance? Now is the time to take a dance class at StaverDancesport!

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Custom Wedding Workshops

Do you want to do a traditional Waltz or something that is radically different for your first dance? Schedule an appointment for a free consultation.... Anything is possible, we can make your first dance Awesome!

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Personal Message

Our Job is to teach you how to dance! We love our Job.......

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A Warm Testimonial to the Benefits of Learning How to Dance

Over the years being a dance teacher has allowed me a priviledge of knowing that learning how to dance can mean a whole lot more to us than "learning how to dance"........

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Dancing with the Stars at Sea

Ed Staver made the Finals .....

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Shoe Policy to preserve the integrity of the floor surface to benefit all of the ballroom dancers who dance and train on the floors over a long period of time. This means NO STREET SHOES on the DANCE FLOORS! Ballroom Dance Shoes ONLY!